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Superior Carbon Paddles
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Roy, thanks for the mention. I have had the mold in the shop for a while now and am beginning to ramp up production rates. It has been a fun project so far.
Not me ...Will Nash is doing this. I was just posting this so people would know that there is a changing of the guard {so to say}

I do wish him luck in the future. He also bought the molds to do Superior Kayaks. and is already making the boats and supplying the kits.
Nice! I can't think of anyone more qualified to take this over. I hope you do well with it, Roy.
Here is a post that might be of some interest to Paddlers that visit this page.

Nash Boatworks posted

We are pleased to announce that we will be taking over the Manufacturing of Superior Kayaks carbon paddles this fall.
Yesterday we had a great day with Mark Rogers and Celeste A Rogers. I spent the day in the shop with Mark beginning my training in the Manufacturing of this amazing paddle. I feel fortunate to have such a willing and amazingly talented mentor and to have the opportunity to take over the production and distribution of this great product. — at Superior Kayaks.
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