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Qajaq USA helps support and sanction events all over the country.  Below are links to the galleries on the websites of our sanctioned events (ordered by calendar year).

About Qajaq USA Sanctioned Events

One of the primary ways that Qajaq USA fulfils its mission to preserve, study and promote the traditions and techniques of Greenland kayaking is through a series of events that are sanctioned each year.

Sanctioned events follow a series of guidelines that ensure the main focus of the event is on Greenland paddling and the other skills associated with the qajaq culture. Additionally Qajaq USA sanctioned events are non-commercial, no one is paid for their services, teaching is through a process of mentoring where everyone is both a teacher and a learner.

Qajaq USA maintains a fleet of kayaks that represent the many diverse designs found in the different regions of Greenland. These kayaks, along with a collection of paddles, harpoons and traditional paddling clothes, such as the tuilik, are made available at each sanctioned event so the attendees can experience a close facsimile of the traditional Greenland paddling experience.

photos courtesy of TRAQS, QC, Peter Strand, Sharon Bustamante

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events