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Greenland Technique: Rolling and Rescues

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Rolling is an extremely useful skill, but there is much more to safe Greenland-style kayaking than just rolling. While rolling can become a form of sport in itself, for safe kayaking you will need to work on developing all of your skills, including sound judgment.

The Greenland paddle is so adept at rolling that it's only natural to start looking at the competition rolling list and wondering, where do I start? One logical rolling progression (after one learns basic techniques including bracing, forward strokes, etc) is:

    • Become comfortable in/under water
    • Side sculling (teaches paddle control, finding balance point of kayak and body, and aft leaning hipsnap on recovery).
    • Standard roll (you may wish to scull up initially)
    • Balance brace (logically you could do this right after learning a side scull but most people want to get a roll down as soon as possible)
    • Armpit roll or crook arm roll (for variety and to have a one-handed option)
    • Chest scull (teaches forward leaning hipsnap)
    • Reverse roll (very closely linked to the chest scull)
    • Storm roll (an excellent roll for battle conditions)
    • Other rolls of your choice
    • Norsaq rolls (a good intro to the hand rolls)
    • Hand rolls

The Greenlanders start with the first three items in the order shown. Otherwise follow your interests and keep it fun (and safe).

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