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Welcome to the MASIK

The MASIK is Qajaq USA's electronic newsletter, written by members and for members. Inside each issue you will find a wealth of information on traditional kayaking, including articles on home-built kayaks and paddles, traditional kayaking techniques, do-it-yourself ideas, and the happenings within Qajaq USA. You’ll also read reports on the annual competition in Greenland, histories of several symposiums, and thoughtful reflections on kayak culture, whether here or abroad. The articles are as diverse as our membership. If you’re not currently a member, please consider joining Qajaq USA and adding your talents and interests to our organization. Even if you are not a Qajaq USA member, you are welcome to download the newsletter with our compliments. Thanks for reading.

A recent change in the MASIK is to email subscribers a more frequent and timely newsletter, rather than the larger magazine format of past years. We hope you will enjoy these changes.

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You can view the archive of the Masik in the document library..

For information, submissions or comments about the MASIK, please contact the Masik Editor

Read the latest edition here: 2019 Spring

Team Qajaq USA


Qajaq USA is the American Chapter of Qaannat Kattuffiat - the Greenland Kayak Association. We have members world-wide. Qajaq USA is one of only three affiliated "Qajaq" clubs outside of Greenland. Most "Qajaq" clubs are scattered among the small villages of Greenland and are a major impetus in keeping the local kayaking traditions alive. Meet the team »

Our Mission:

  • Qajaq USA is a nonprofit membership organization that is officially recognized by Qaannat Kattuffiat (The Greenland Kayaking Association).
  • Qajaq USA is committed to supporting Qaannat Kattuffiat and their efforts to preserve, study and promote the traditions and techniques of Greenland kayaking while seeking to further the appreciation and development of Greenland-style kayaking in the United States.

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