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Christopher Crowhurs

Forum guidlines 1 593

Greenland Kayaking Forum Archive 1 684

Tony Schmitz

Check out the new Masik! 9 24

Pamela Powell

Informal GP event Washington State, June 9, 10, 11 1 12

Thomas Burke

Best wood glue to use 3 35

Wayne S

Mystery Kayak Replica Completed!! 1 34

tom joyce

Suggestions for Surface Repair of 'Micro-tears' in Canvas SOF Qajaq? 5 32

Jerrold Borenstein

HRGF TYPE one day event 1 21

Jerrold Borenstein

One day rolling eveny 1 18

Tori Daugherty

Aleutian paddle 8 57

Nick Hoffmann

Lg Brooks Tuilik for sale 14 79

Mike Hamilton

The Delmarva Paddler’s Retreat kayak build class of 2023! 2 42

Thomas Burke

2 Part Polyurethane Marine Paint for SOF Kayak 4 37


Akuilisaq questions 6 81

Thomas Burke

SOF Newbie Builder Questions 2 68

Tony Schmitz

Download the latest Masik 6 92


Anyone know of any practice pools in the Hudson River Valley/ want to practice? 1 53

Paul Steinberg

Paddle For Ukraine! 1 103

Dorothea Hoffman

sea sock 3 131

Dorothea Hoffman

qajaq 2 190

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