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Big feet
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I agree, Mark. Angling your feet forward is more comfortable and provides a lot more room. I have plenty of room in my Anas Acuta with size 11 feet and several types of water shoes, including Chota boots. The wide foam pads eliminate the pressure points from footpegs and would be comfortable with just water socks.

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It looks like they have thicker soles than the Stohlquists--5 mm. That might make a difference in walking and cushioning on foot braces. I may try these myself.

These look great. I’m going to give them a try. 
Thank you 

Dave, I think I managed to scare up one of the last pairs of Stohlquist Water Moccasins in the country this spring. I love them, though they're not much good for walking over rocks. Still, if you Google "dive boots (or booties or shoes or socks)" and kevlar, you should be able to find a similar product at a dive shop--neoprene booties with kevlar soles.

Here's a pair I found with a quick search that seem very like the Stohlquists:

For warmer paddling, I love my Astral Loyak Acs, and find their soles very minimal.


Thanks to all for your responses.
I've now tried four different shoes in two different sizes and have discovered that a shoe with a sole just won't work for me. I don't know if I should readjust my seat position back a couple of inches . But anyway, I decided to just go for a paddling sock with some kind of sole and sandals for getting in and out. It's been working fine so far. I really wish that I could find the Water Moccasins. They were a great fit and thickness even for colder paddling. Darn you Stolquist !!!
Thanks again 

I fit my 6'3" frame, Size 13 feet in my wife's Anas Acuta by just bypassing the footpegs that are set for her and putting my feet on the bulkhead. I use the NRS Freestyles and my feet are fine on the bulkhead for paddling all day.

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I have had great luck with adidas outdoor Men's Terrex CC Jawpaw II Slip-On

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I've used the thin whitewater booties from NRS with success. They just have a slightly hheavier neo layer on the foot, really socks. But with my rocky shores, I have a pair of ssandals which fit over the booties. I just take them off when I am about to get into tthe qajaq, and stick them behinds me. Works for hard boats and skin on frames.

If you're using the footrests in the AA, recommend removing them and installing a tapered mini-cell foam footrest against the bulkhead. Will give you considerably more room for your feet, and is much more comfortable for your feet than the pressure-point of a little pedal during active paddling. Mark.

Take a look at Sea To Summit Ultra Flex Booties. These are incredibly thin and flexible and are the smallest water shoe I have found. 


I’m a huge fan of the Astral Hiyaks, I have not used the NRS or Kokatats to be able to compare the slimness / bulkiness but may be worth your while to research. 

I use these without issue in my Rebel Greenland T & other assorted long boats, but I’m also not dealing with a foot of your length either. 

Good luck in the search, if you figure something else out, do let me know..  I’m always looking for new gear to try. 

Any ideas on paddling footwear for size 11 1/2 feet and an Anas Acuta? I’ve been wearing Stolquist Water Moccasins, but they seem to no longer be available. I’ve tried Kokatat seekers and NRS Freestyles with no luck. Thanks for any leads or advice.

Dave B.

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