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Cockpit Rim
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The Spanish Windlass does offer a nice solution if it springs out of shape. I figure I will get ready to sew and then see what happens.

I can give a much more complicated answer!

I bend a lot of greenwood for windsor chairs. I leave it in the form until it holds its shape. Short of that, until it's dry (days). Short of that until it's cool and I can secure the desired bends with twine.

A rim is a nice oval shape, so if it goes circular when taken off the form, a spanish windlass with twine across the small diameter will keep it OK until the bow end is secure to the masic and the stern end to the ajaaq isserfik.

Otherwise, what Dave said.
Thanks - I was nervous, its been a while since I bent one.
As soon as it cools off it should hold the new shape.
I have a new cockpit rim for Eastie (Great Lakes Qajaq USA Fleet) that is 1/4 oak heat bent around a form. Question for everyone - how long should I leave it on the form before I take it off and sew it onto the qajaq skin?
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