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Gash repair
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John, Skin is polyester. The patch came out at something like 7" x 4" after sanding back as recommended. I got some Gorilla tape onto the underside of holes as a backer and poly taped around the patch to control run off. Seems to be holding. I should rough it up and put some red paint on it with a reminder not to do stupid things.
Ben, out of curiosity, is the skin nylon or polyester?
I opened up some gashes in a new skin night before QTC several years ago. Several 1 inchers on the keel and chine. Nothing on the skin that flexed. I ducked taped them for the event and then procrastinated any repairs and ran with duckT for the rest of the season. So don't sacrifice paddle time. I finally Just reskinned cuz there is something wrong with my Zen filter, I like skin jobs. Peace J

Edit : it was a ceconite job, aircraft polyester. I have not skinned a boat like that for a long time, but they are light and tight.
FlexTape, the miracle stuff sold on late night infomercials actually works pretty well for some situations like this.
I will be using the same material as the skin. I have been in touch with Corey who says aquaflex or goop with cloth or an inflatable boat repair patch along with the appropriate glue. Same ideas from Brian Schulz. I checked with West Systems who tell me that GFlex will work with urethane, suggested an inch and a half sanding around the hole. Both like taping from the inside.

So will do pics once this is progressed once I find out how to drop pics on the this forum

It would be helpful to have a picture of the damage, but it sounds like you're probably going to have to repair it from the outside. Your idea of using epoxy is good, but I'd use a piece of the same fabric that the boat is skinned with, rather than fiberglass. Another option would be to use whatever coating you used on the fabric as an adhesive, but if you used varnish, it probably won't bond very well.
Ok folks, buried in the archive was some information about repairing Spirit line gooped skins, but these were slits.

I hit a snag at speed fortunately only 20 yards from my take out. Right on a rib which out a 1"x 2" hole there along with a 2" slit and then another 1" hole right over the next rib aft. I can just reach the holes from the inside, but not sure if I have the space for a curved needle.

So what is the state of the art for repair? I can probably make do with Gorilla tape on the inside and outside, but it would be nice to have something more permanent. Has anyone tried an adhesive like Gflex which I could use to saturate an outside glass patch? Any other ideas?

Word: if you are going to do something stupid like this, make sure it is close to your take out.
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