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Vertical Sculling Roll

Published on 5/20/2019

Vertical Sculling Roll Video Clip

Posted By:Greg Stamer<>
Date: Saturday, 24 January 2004, at 8:14 p.m.


I have added a new video clip of Maligiaq Padilla demonstrating the vertical sculling roll. In talking with experienced rollers, this roll seems to generate the most confusion, possibly because it is not shown in "Rolling with Maligiaq".

For this maneuver you capsize and recover on the same side. The setup is somewhat similar to the whitewater duffek. Although it is common to setup so that your upper palm faces forward (paddle blade at right angles to the keel), during the actual scull the paddle blade is swept parallel to the keel. It is a low brace technique in that your palms face the gunwales during the scull. If the paddle becomes too horizontal during the scull (more lift) the judges will disqualify your effort. The recovery is done with an extreme forward tuck. For the finish, the judges like to see the paddle lifted vertically and quickly out of the water.

It is fairly easy to fall to one side without the kayak capsizing completely. Ensure that you fully capsize or the judges will deduct points.

An "illegal" version of this roll, that is much easier to do, is to slice the vertical paddle edgewise away from you while underwater and then draw it back toward you (an underwater draw stroke). This "vertical draw" will bring you up quite strongly. This version is not performed in competition.

Note that the Greenland vertical sculling roll is different than the "vertical storm roll" described in Sea Kayaker magazine last year.

Footage Courtesy and copyright of KNR Radio Greenland

Greg Stamer

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