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Greenland Technique: Rolling & Rescues

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Eastern Arctic Kayaks -- History, Design, Technique by John D. Heath and E. Arima
With contributions by John Brand, Hugh Collings, Harvey Golden, H.C. Petersen, Johannes Rosing, and Greg Stamer. Includes Greenland-style technique information by Heath, H.C. Petersen and a chapter by Stamer on "Using Greenland Paddles (covers one method of using the canted forward stroke in detail). This book is rich in kayak surveys, history and information about Greenland and East Canadian Arctic kayaks. Heath and Arima provide a broad context of the history and cultural significance of these kayaks. The surveys by Heath, Harvey Golden, Hugh Collings and John Brand (excerpts from Brand's "Little Kayak Book" series), should be useful to many builders. Available at the Qajaq USA Online store.

Commercial Videos (Greenland Rolling)

Qajaq USA has no financial ties to the following selections. These suggestions are provided only as a service to the Greenland-style kayaking community.

This is the Roll
Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson teamed up with Justine Curgenven (creator of "This is the Sea" series) for this instructional DVD on learning to roll. Detailed explanations, filmed from multiple angles, on the standard Greenland roll, reverse sweep and the storm roll. Includes land exercises and explanations of the most common errors and how to fix them.

Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson
Helen's DVD has three chapters and a bonus section. The first chapter teaches a balance brace and a standard Greenland roll (which can be done with any type of paddle). The second chapter troubleshoots the roll, and the third chapter is a progression to more advanced rolls. The bonus section is on forward finishing rolls. Helen's goal was to "show people that a roll doesn't have to be quick and violent, and that a Greenland roll is gentle on the body… and it doesn't even require a Greenland paddle". 

USK Greenland Rolling with Maligiaq and Dubside Part 1 and 2
Maligiaq and Dubside present advanced rolling technique in this two part series. Skills included in part 1 are: Learning to roll, Euro paddle transition, Greenlandic Glossary, Side Scull ,Balance Brace, Butterfly Roll, Standard Roll, Shotgun Roll, Norsaq Layback Roll, Storm Roll, Chest Scull, Reverse Sweep Roll, Elbow Crook Roll, Neck Roll, Reverse Neck Roll, Cross Arm Roll, Hand Layback Roll, Fist Layback Roll and the Brick Layback Roll. Skills included in part 2 are: Layback Sculling Roll, Front Deck Sculling Roll, Back Deck Sculling Roll, Vertical Sculling Roll, Hull Sculling Roll, Spine roll, Behind The Back Roll, Hunting Float Roll, Speed Storm Rolls, Speed Standard Rolls, Norsaq Roll Front To Front, Norsaq Roll Back To Front, Hand Roll Front To Front, Hand Roll Back To Front, Fist Roll Front To Front, Fist Roll Back To Front, Brick Roll Front To Front, Brick Roll Back To Front, Elbow Roll, Straight Jacket Roll, Upside Down Paddling and the Walrus Pull.

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