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Greenland Technique: Rolling & Rescues

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Qajaq USA Video Clips
Video clips including footage from Greenland Competitions. Clips include forward strokes, rolling, rescues and rope gymnastics. Rolls include the standard roll, reverse sweep roll, storm roll, armpit roll, vertical sculling roll, cross-arm roll, under-the-hull sculling roll, handroll with a brick, straight-jacket roll, walrus pull. 

Qajaq Rolls - Dedicated to Greenland Qajaq Rolling
Christopher Crowhurst has an attractive site dedicated to Greenland rolling techniques. Sections include pages for Layback rolls, Braces and Sculling rolls, Forward finishing rolls, Norsaq rolls, Hand rolls and Miscellaneous (Rock, Swimming, Petrussen, Reentry and roll) 

Kayak Ways ... A living Tradition Continues
Turner and Cheri are well-known instructors in the Greenland-style kayaking community. Their site contains excellent rolling videos including standard Greenland roll and other aft finishing rolls, storm rolls, other forward finishing rolls, rolls with no paddle, sculling rolls and more. 

Greenland Rolling and Rope Gymnastics; by Dubside
This site provides detailed information on rolling AND rope gymnastics including videos for many techniques. For the rolling information click on the kinngusaqattaarneq link

Qajaq JPN
The Qajaq JPN website contains extraordinary artwork and animation by Eiichi Ito and is good fun to visit. The technique information is beautifully rendered, and is definitely worth repeated visits. Qajaq JPN is officially a part of Qaannat Kattuffiat in the same manner as Qajaq USA. The amazing storm roll animation below is from the Qajaq JPN website.

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