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Eastern Arctic Kayaks -- History, Design, Technique by John D. Heath and E. Arima

With contributions by John Brand, Hugh Collings, Harvey Golden, H.C. Petersen, Johannes Rosing, and Greg Stamer. Includes Greenland-style technique information by Heath, H.C. Petersen and a chapter by Stamer on "Using Greenland Paddles (covers one method of using the canted forward stroke in detail). This book is rich in kayak surveys, history and information about Greenland and East Canadian Arctic kayaks. Heath and Arima provide a broad context of the history and cultural significance of these kayaks. The surveys by Heath, Harvey Golden, Hugh Collings and John Brand (excerpts from Brand's "Little Kayak Book" series), should be useful to many builders. Available at the Qajaq USA Online store.

Commercial Videos (Greenland Strokes)

Qajaq USA has no financial ties to the following selections. These suggestions are provided only as a service to the Greenland-style kayaking community.

The Wedding of Palo

This fictionalized documentary was filmed with Ammassilik (East Greenland) natives and records Greenlandic life in the 1930's. Kayaking legend Manasse Mathaeussen is reported to have performed some of the rough-water kayaking stunt work. In addition to a wealth of cultural information, and scenes of kayaks and umiaks, there is enough kayaking footage, including close-up scenes of a partial sliding stroke, to keep Greenland-style kayakers very interested. Subtitles in English. Details from Amazon.

Justine Curvengen's This is the Sea (DVD)

While not strictly technique related, or even strictly Greenland-style, Justine's videos capture not only the passion of sea kayaking but also introduces you to a number of the personalities associated with Greenland-style paddling today. Good action footage, including Greenland paddles in action provides some great technique hints. The video series includes"This is the Roll" featuring Turner Wilson and Cheri Perry.

Nigel Foster's Sea Kayaking Series (DVD)

Although primarily dedicated to "mainstream" technique, Nigel Foster invites Greg Stamer to provide instruction for Greenland-style kayaking. Volume 5 (Forward Paddling) contains a lecture on the canted forward stroke method with a Greenland paddle. Volume 6 (Rolling and Bracing) contains a lecture and short demo on "Greenland Rolls and Bracing". Also included is discussion of safe, rapid and effective paddle extension with a Greenland paddle.

Barton and Chalupsky's The Forward Stroke (DVD)

While there are many techniques specific to Greenland paddles, the basic fundamentals are unchanged from paddle to paddle. Wing technique and Greenland-style technique are closely related and the wing technique tips is this video are very useful to Greenland-style paddlers who want to learn how to use torso rotation, leg drive and their core for endurance and speed.

For video clips of stroke techniques, please see the Greenland Kayaking Video Clips.

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