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Greenland Technique: Strokes

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2011 Delmarva Paddlers Forum: Video

Video by Peter Gengler, provides a contrast between a "crunch stroke" per Maligiaq Padilla and a "torso rotation stroke" per Greg Stamer. Both paddlers demonstrate and explain on a kayak erg during a class at Delmarva.

Sea Kayaker: Maligiaq Makes Waves on his U.S. Visit by John Heath

John Heath describes Maligiaq's forward stroke, including the forward tilt (canted angle) of the paddle blade. Archive copy from WayBack Machine.

Greenland Technique from the Source: Lessons Learned from Maligiaq Padilla by Greg Stamer

Essay on Maligiaq's paddling mechanics including the canted blade stroke and differences between what is often taught in the U.S. as versus what is commonly practiced in Greenland. This ties in with the video link from the 2011 Delmarva Paddlers Forum.

Using your Greenland Kayak by Brian Schulz

Basic information about using a Greenland kayak, including outfitting, comfort, carrying the kayak, and more.

Selected Blogs and Other Sites

Gnarlydog News

This site contains excellent videos, gear reviews, kayak sailing, and other interesting information with an emphasis on using the Greenland paddle. Some favorites:
Greenland Paddles Used in All Conditions
Bumping around in waves 2.0 (video)
Backsurfing with Northern Light Paddle (video)

James Manke
Greenland surfing & rolling

Warren Williamson
Skin-on frame baidarka


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Technique Tips

According to Maligiaq Padilla, many Greenland kayakers are first taught to paddle with a vertically oriented blade (at the catch), and as they progress, they are later taught the "canted blade stroke" which is considered a more advanced technique. In the canted blade stroke the top edge of the paddle is angled forward, toward the bow. Learning this technique will quickly bury the blade, reduce or eliminate flutter and ventilation, and provide for much more power.

Team Qajaq USA

Qajaq USA is the American Chapter of Qaannat Kattuffiat - the Greenland Kayak Association. We have members world-wide. Qajaq USA is one of only three affiliated "Qajaq" clubs outside of Greenland. Most "Qajaq" clubs are scattered among the small villages of Greenland and are a major impetus in keeping the local kayaking traditions alive.
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Our Mission:

  • Qajaq USA is a nonprofit membership organization that is officially recognized by Qaannat Kattuffiat (The Greenland Kayaking Association).
  • Qajaq USA is committed to supporting Qaannat Kattuffiat and their efforts to preserve, study and promote the traditions and techniques of Greenland kayaking while seeking to further the appreciation and development of Greenland-style kayaking in the United States.