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Greenland Commercial Forum Guidelines

This forum is provided courtesy of Qajaq USA. The goal of this forum is to provide interesting and timely information on events, sales of equipment, and services, aimed specifically at the Greenland kayaking community. This includes instruction, kayaking events, "classified" buy and sell advertisements of kayaking merchandise (paddles, kayaks, tuiliks, etc). Please note that events can range from large symposiums, to local club gatherings that are noncommercial.

Notice and Legal Disclaimer
The administrators of Qajaq USA reserve the right to remove inappropriate, offensive, and other postings, in accordance with our judgment. The opinions and views expressed on this forum do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the officers and members of Qajaq USA.
The appearance of a message on this forum does not imply that the products, goods, services, etc, advertised are endorsed by Qajaq USA. Please select equipment and instructors with care, research and common sense, as your life may well depend on them. Qajaq USA is not responsible for damages or losses caused from purchasing items posted on this forum.

Classified Ads

Feel free to use this forum to post your traditional kayaking related "classified adds". Remember that people view this forum worldwide, so don't forget to provide your location. Once your product has sold, please post a reply to your original message with "SOLD" in the subject line.


Details of events, including price, registration information, etc, are welcome here. Also consider adding your event to the Qajaq USA Event Calendar page. The "Calendar" page has a submission form that allows you to publish the details of your event (subject to administrative approval).


  • Please add a Profile, via the Forum navigation bar, that describes your products and services. If you do not have regularly scheduled sales, events, etc, the Profile may serve the majority of your needs. Please note that your Profile will not appear, until you have posted at least one message to the Forum.
  • Please fully describe your products, services and events, including links to websites and pictures, but please keep your marketing statements brief and subdued, and avoid attacking competing products.
  • If your message does not involve time-critical information, for example you wish to mention that you make paddles on commission, please post to the forum no more than once/month, and place your pertinent details in your Profile.
  • If you are uncertain of how your information fits within these guidelines, and have questions, please contact us at .
  • As a consumer, please feel free to reply to the commercial posts on this forum, if you have questions, or need clarification. Critical reviews are OK, as long as your support your beliefs, and civility is maintained.

The forum defaults to a threaded presentation but offers a wide variety of views. To change your viewing preferences, click on the [My Preferences] link on the navigation bar. Tip - if you don't like to click on each post to read it, then you may wish to set the display style to "Guestbook".


  • Tetra-WebBBS default settings: Select Threaded List, Single Message and Mixed Order.
  • UBB or similar theme: Select Compressed List, Guestbook and UBB Order.
  • WWWBoard theme: Select Threaded List, Single Message and Newest First.
  • (or similar) style: Select Compressed List (for Compact View) or Threaded List (for Extended view), Guestbook and Oldest First.
Including Pictures in your post

To include pictures in your post, you must first upload your image on the web and then provide the image address (URL) into the " Optional Image URL:" field. The URL of the image must have an extension of .jpg or .gif. Files that end with other extensions will not display.

Contact your ISP/email provider to obtain information on how to upload images to the web. If your ISP doesn't provide you with webspace then you can use a free image hosting service. An image service (such as Webshots) will provide software and instructions to enable you to upload your pictures. Please note that the free services can be frustrating, and they sometimes try to deter accessing an image via its URL.

You need the URL of the image itself. As an example, if you use Webshots, you can determine the URL by displaying the image in Webshots, click on "link to it", picking the photo size tab e.g. "500", and then copying the URL from the "direct link to image". Paste that URL in to the " Optional Image URL:" field of the forum, when you post.

If the image is in your own webspace, to find the URL using Windows, display your uploaded image in your browser. Move your mouse cursor over the image and press the right mouse button. A menu will display. For Internet Explorer, Select Properties (left click on Properties). For Firefox select View Image. The image URL (Location) will be displayed.

To ensure that you did everything properly, prior to posting your message on the Forum, press the "Preview Message" button to verify that you picture appears correctly. NOTE: the URL supplied by some free image hosting services is only temporary. Your photo may appear on the forum for only a limited amount of time.

Need Help?

If you encounter troubles, please create a trouble ticket using the [Trouble Ticket] link on the navigation bar, and provide as much detail as you can. This is preferable to sending the webmaster a plain email as the system includes diagnostic information with your ticket.

Problems with sections of your text being removed

The forum does not permit you to enter raw HTML in your text, to prevent abuses and for security reasons. Please note that if you enter HTML or anything that looks like HTML, the offending text and all text that follows it is stripped by the software. If you find that long sections of your posting are gone when you preview or post, the likely culprit is that you have included a greater-than (">") or less-than ("<") character (HTML tag delimiters) in your posting. Assuming that you caught this in preview, edit and try again. You can use your browser's "back" button to go back and edit the post. Instead of using HTML to format the text in your posting please refer to the format codes described below.

Subject Prefixes and Suffixes

NEW:    New Message Posted
    Message contains a picture (PIC)
    Message contains a link
    No Message (NM). The body of the message contains no text.
Thank you for participating and we hope that you enjoy this forum!
If you have comments or suggestions for improvements, please contact us at

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