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Greenland Championship

Competition FAQ


Is there any prize money for the competitions?
No. There are no professional paddlers in Greenland, only recreational paddlers. This does not imply that kayaks are no longer used for hunting, however. Some Greenland paddlers continue to practice kayaking hunting of seals, seabirds, etc.

What are the age classes for the competitions?

The competitors are divided in groupings according to their age and sex. The age groups are:

1. 4-6 years (children) 2. 7-9 years (children)
3. 10-12years (children) 4. 13-14 years (youth)
5. 15-17 years (junior) 6. 18-19 (junior) years
7. 20-34 (senior) years 8. 35-49 (Old girls/boys) years
9. 50-59 10. 60-up

\What kind of kayaks are allowed?

The kayaks used in the Year 2000 competitions in Nuuk will be divided in three Classes:

1. Traditional Greenland Kayaks

2. Other Skin Kayaks
        a)  Single
        b)  Double

3. Fiberglass/Plastic Kayaks
       a)  Single
       b)  Double

What events will be included in the competition?

  • Short distance race(route distance between 3-6 km)
  • Long distance race(route distance between 15-20 km)
  • Race with portage(route distance max 10 km)
  • Relay race, three participants in each team, use of the short distance route
  • Individual rolling
  • Team rolling, three participants in each team
  • Harpoon Throwing, throwing as long as possible
  • Harpoon Throwing, precision
  • Rope Events
  • The paddling distances mentioned above vary because the competitions are held in a different town each year with different routes.

    What medals will be awarded?

    In each age group, there will be a winner of gold, silver and bronze medallions. Please refer to the event program for the disciplines that apply to each age group.

    How are the points tallied?

    The competitors finishing a discipline (racing, rolling and so on) are awarded points as follows:

    In the age group of 20-34 (senior group) the winner is awarded 21 points for each first place finish. The second place finisher is awarded 18 points, third 15 points. The points are spread in the following fashion: 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 point. This means that only thirteen competitors are awarded points in each discipline.

    The male/female paddlers who earn the most points are awarded the honor of the Kayak Man and Womanof the Year.

    Do competitors have to enter all the events?

    No. Participants are not required to compete in all the disciplines. You can pick and choose the events that match your kayaking capabilities and interests.

    I don't have all the gear I need. Can I borrow it from a teammate?

    It is OK to loan and borrow each other's kayaking equipment, as long as it does not disturb the competitions.

    How can an inexperienced paddler increase their safety?

    It is permissible for you to arrange to have a team member follow an inexperienced competitor for added safety.

    What immersion gear should I wear?

    Please consider that the water temperature will be approximately 30 degrees F (salt water freezes at a lower temperature than fresh water) and you must dress properly to ensure your safety. In addition to the traditional kayak jacket (tuiliq), many of the the participants wear wet or dry suits. It all depends on what kind of gear you have access to. Everything is allowed, but it is strongly recommended that you have adequate immersion gear. For racing many of the kayakers in Nuuk wear the Palm  Eskimo Anorak, Semi Dry Pants, and neoprene boots.

    Can spectators stay with the competitors and share the food/lodging arrangements if they pay the entry fee?

    Yes. We have always seen the competitions as a family event and therefore have always allowed people other than the competition participants to assist as helpers, trainers and so on. They only have to pay the participation fee too (food, lodging and so on, with same rights). So you could call the others in your party, coach, helper or some kind of official when you register. Our kayaking National Championships is held as a family gathering and kayaking feast. Of course we compete and shout after each other when the competitions is going on, but afterwards we are good friends again.

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