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Qajaq transportation to TRAQS
Edward Mann

Bobby Douglass’ widow is willing to donate one of his beautiful wooden qajaqs to help build our fleet for TRAQS. The qajaq is located in Woodbury CT. I’m hoping to find someone willing to transport as far south as possible. We may to be arrange for pickup at maybe Delmarva if we can get it that far. I can also reimburse for gas. Thanks on advance.

Beverly Cossett
Likely this is too late notice, but I am in Washington DC today, planning to leave for Charleston tomorrow morning (but I change it to leave in afternoon).  I have room on my truck.  And I can bring it to TRAQS.  The challenge is how to get it from Woodbury….by tomorrow morning. 

No reimbursement necessary.

Federic J. Feingold
Crew trailers have always helped me

Hauled kayaks from Florida to Massachusetts

Colleges, high schools, prep schools, rowing clubs

They are always on the move

John Henry

I live in CT and could probably help

David Niles

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David Niles

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Edward Mann


Did you mean to post a reply? Nothing showed.



David Dawson
No, that was a mistake. Thanks for checking.

On July 8, 2021 10:10:48 PM "Edward Mann (" <> wrote:

Edward Mann


Please contact me directly at so we can discuss further.

Thanks so much


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