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Kayaks of Greenland by Harvey Golder
Kayaks of Greenland by Harvey Golder
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US$ 73.99   
1st edition; Harvey Golden, White House Grocery Press 2006; 580+ pages, 400+figs. and photos, 106 scale drawings of kayaks, 79 scale drawings of paddles
8.5 x 11 x 1-1/2" paperback

The product of eight years of research, KOG contains information on 106 kayaks and 79 paddles, virtually all surveyed by the author. The result is a new typology that divides the Greenland kayaks into 13 distinct types. Golden also provides speculation on why Greenland kayaks developed as they did. Appendixes provide tables of ratios and proportions of the surveyed kayaks, conceptual interpretations of two medieval Greenland kayaks, a discussion of whether Greenlanders could have kayaked to Europe, and a primer on taking offsets. A glossary and bibliography round things out. 

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