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Greenland Kayaking Forum

Unmoderated, noncommercial discussion of all aspects of traditional kayaking (Greenland, Aleut, and all northern native watercraft), ranging from history and culture, to kayaking technique, to kayak and paddle making. Even topics such as harpoon throwing and Inuit rope gymnastics are discussed.

Guidelines Most Recent Post: 8/29/2019, 8:18 am
Greenland Forum Archives

Archived posts from the Greenland (non-commercial) kayaking forum. You can search posts dating back to the start of the Greenland forums in 2001.

Greenland Commercial & Events Forum

Discussion of events, instruction, products, classified adds, and other commercial advertising, that relates to "traditional" kayaking. If you are selling an item, post to this forum.

Guidelines Most Recent Post: 9/10/2019, 12:48 pm
Qajaq USA/Qaannat Kattuffiat News

Stay informed of our latest news and organization announcements.

Read-Only Most Recent Post: 4/1/2019, 12:39 pm

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