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Many Greenland Kayaking skills explore that nebulous zone between being fully upright and fully capsized. However, there is much, much more to Greenland-technique that just rolling!

One of the best ways to learn technique is by observing kayakers better than yourself and teaching others. This is "mentoring" and is the basis for Qajaq USA events. Mentoring is how kayaking is generally learned in Greenland.

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Greenland Kayaking Technique

Greenland Kayaking Video Clips

Kayaking video clips Having a good mental image is more than half the battle when learning new skills and these clips will help you build a mental image based on sound technique. We are pleased to bring you these video clips of Greenland forward stroke methods, capsize maneuvers and rope gymnastics. Most of the clips are edited so that if you run the clip in a loop that the start and end will blend together for continuous action. Qajaq USA thanks KNR TV/Radio Greenland for permission to publish much of this footage.

Greenland Kayaking Forums

The Qajaq USA Greenland Technique Forum is an excellent source of information on traditional kayaking techniques and kayak construction. Use the "Archive & Full Site Search" feature to look for past discussions in all forum archives. Or, if you have a new topic, please post a new message! Please review the forum guidelines before posting. You are free to share and discuss all aspects of "traditional" kayaking, including techniques, kayak and paddle building, and other related topics. If you are looking to buy or sell something related to traditional kayaking, please visit our Commercial Forum. We hope that you will participate! For questions and feedback about the Greenland Kayaking Forums, please contact the Qajaq USA webmasters.

Eastern Arctic Kayaks, History Design and Technique

Eastern Arctic KayaksText by John D. Heath and Eugene Arima with contributions by John Brand, Hugh Collings, Harvey Golden, H.C. Petersen, Johannes Rosing, and Greg Stamer. Heath discusses the 30 capsize maneuvers performed at the annual Greenland championships, with photographs and illustrations. H.C. Petersen discusses kayak sports and exercises, and Stamer provides an overview of using Greenland paddles concentrating on the forward stroke.Heath and Arima examines the history of Greenland and East Canadian kayaks and their cultural significance. Also included are kayak surveys and analysis by Heath, Arima, Harvey Golden, John Brand (excerpts from the "Little Kayak Book" series), Collings, and a trip narrative by Rosing.    Details from Amazon. Also available from the Qajaq USA Online store.

Greenland Kayaking Videotapes by John Heath

Maligiaq performing balance braceJohn's videos are an excellent source of instructional and cultural information. Proceeds help support the Qaannat Kattuffiat. The video "Rolling with Maligiaq" and "Greenlanders at Kodiak" are an excellent resource for anyone interested in the Greenland rolling methods. "Qajaq Klubben" contains excellent paddling footage.

Note (6/14/10) the Heath family has chosen Qajaq USA to distribute John's videos. We are currently in the process of adding these items to our online store.