Become a Sponsor

Qajaq USA is very careful about becoming "commercialized", however we do accept contributions in the form of traditional kayaking merchandise from sponsors to be used in silent auctions at our events to raise funds.

If you have merchandise that you would like to donate please contact us.

We would be happy to indicate your support by providing your contact information on this page.

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Brooks Paddle Gear

Brooks has been a supporter of Qajaq USA since its creation. Brooks donates tuiliks, avataqs, and other selected Greenland Kayaking gear to Qajaq USA events, to be used as auction items to raise funds for the organization.



Royal Arctic

Royal Arctic Line sponsored Qajaq USA members bound for the Greenland Kayaking Championship in 2000-2003 by providing a shipping container, free of charge, from the United States and Canada to Greenland, and back, for transport of kayaks and other gear. Unfortunately, due to rising costs, this service is no longer available. We thank Royal Arctic Line for their contributions to helping Qajaq USA members.