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Qajaq USA is the American Chapter of Qaannat Kattuffiat - the Greenland Kayak Association. We have members world-wide. Qajaq USA is one of only two affiliated "Qajaq" clubs outside of Greenland. Most "Qajaq" clubs are scattered among the small villages of Greenland and are a major impetus in keeping the local kayaking traditions alive.

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Today is April 24, 2017

Traditional Qajaqers of the South (TRAQS)
Our event will be held from March 24-26, 2017 at the Lake Placid Camp and Conference Center on beautiful Lake Placid in Central Florida. This will be an immersive Greenland kayaking weekend that includes paddling and rolling skills, presentations, morning yoga, kayak games and exposure to Inuit culture. We will be joined by well known mentors Dubside and Jame Manke. We will also include a full day Greenland paddle making class led by a nationally known instructor. All event and registration information is available on our website

When: March 24 - 26, 2017
Where: Lake Placid Camp and Conference Center
Lake Placid, Florida 
Contact: Ed Mann

Qajaq Camp
Qajaq Camp Qajartorluni tammaarsimaarneq Traditional paddling in the mid-west USA continues to grow in support and passion. For many years the Traditional Paddler's Gathering has provided a great venue at the end of each season for traditional paddlers to get together and share their knowledge and passions. In 2014, in response to the continued growth in Traditional Paddling, a few local paddlers decided to hold an event at the beginning of the paddling season and so Qajaq Camp was born. In 2017, the event is being held for a fourth year. Start your paddling season at Qajaq Camp and end it at the Traditional Paddlers Gathering for a perfect season of Greenland Paddling.

When: May 18 - 21, 2017

Traditional Inuit Paddlers of the Southeast (TIPS)
Traditional paddlers, novice to expert, come together early in the season each year to learn and to share their knowledge about Greenlandic skills equipment and culture which gave birth to "modern" kayaking. Our mentors this year showcase the East Coast. Whether you want to know just how this paddle works, develop more efficient strokes, practice the ropes or try the most sophisticated roll, Will Bigelow, Dave Sides and Dubside will be there to assist. The fun will continue with on-water games, evening presentations, morning yoga and perhaps a few other surprises. What a way to get the paddling season started!

When: May 19 - 21, 2017
Where: Camp Fellowship and Conference Center 457 Camp Fellowship Rd
Greenwood, South Carolina 

South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayaking Symposium (SSTIKS)
South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayaking Symposium (SSTIKS) is the Pacific Northwest’s premier event devoted to traditional kayaking skills and culture. SSTIKS is held in June every year in Twanoh State Park on the beautiful Hood Canal in Washington. It is a family-friendly event featuring some of the best mentors in Greenland-style kayaking. RThis year's event features a special track for kids, scads of rolling and stroke instruction from world-class mentors, special guests from Greenland, rope gymnastics, a panoply of traditional arctic kayaks from Harvey Golden and a film festival.

When: June 2 - 4, 2017
Where: Twanoh State Park
Belfair, WA, United States
Contact: Joanne Barta

Hudson River Greenland Featival
The festival attracts participants of all levels and enrolls many talented and renowned mentors from many different regions, including Greenland. It strives to pass along tradition kayaking skills in a pay it forward teaching.

When: June 23 - 25, 2017
Where: Croton Point Park,
Croton-on-Hudson,, New York 

Qajaq TC (a.k.a Michigan Training Camp)
One can rightfully state this is a full immersion event. There is no access by road, so start paddling! Our spectacular venue creates a truly intimate atmosphere. You will be among sixty (60) individuals representing a broad range of skills who want to do one thing — share and gain experience. What makes us different? We’re small, which allows us to remain completely flexible. Everyone teaches—everyone learns. We focus on each other and make sure EVERYONE has a fabulous time.We offer on-land workshops on Friday, on-water coaching throughout the day starting on Friday, ropes gymnastics, harpoon hands-on skills training . . . and there is no limit to the information exchange that takes place by way of informal discussions from the time people arrive until the last car leaves the parking lot on Sunday. Registration opens April 1st and information can be found on our website.

When: August 24 - 27, 2017
Where: Camp Lookout
Frankfort, Michigan 

Traditional Paddlers Gathering
The Traditional Paddlers Gathering, TPG for short, is Minnesota's first Qajaq USA event. Now entering our 12th year, we are as dedicated as ever to making this event the "grand finale" to our paddling season. Bookending the Minnesota summer with Qajaq Camp (May), we promise we will not force you to stare at the water and wait for ice to form. All joking aside, autumn paddling in Minnesota is a beauty not to be missed. Cooler temperatures, fall colors, fiery sunsets, warm bonfires and good people make our small but enthusiastic "Gathering" a must do item on your bucket list. Exciting things are on the list for 2017. Dubside will be returning, sharing his in depth knowledge of all things Greenland. Maligiaq Padilla will also be joining us bringing his first-hand cultural experience, and his in depth knowledge of qajaq building, ropes and on water skills. Chuck Smith will lead a Greenland Paddle Making Class on Thursday. Henry Davies joins us from the Upper Peninsula. And don't forget our harpoon contest. Sipke will be recently returned from the Greenland games in Aasiaat, and he will have new challenges and games for you. Our SOF rescue relay race will be returning, and our core group of local and regional mentors will be on hand to provide endless hours of entertainment and antics while you learn, tweak and finalize your skills. Whether it's a first roll, a complicated ropes move, or smooth efficient stroke work, we've got the knowledge and skills to help you learn. Rib bending and skinning practice are on the calendar, as are many other activities and adventurous guided learning!

Qajaq USA Event
When: September 7 - 10, 2017
Where: Lake Carlos State Park
Alexandria, Minnesota 
Contact: Renee DuFresne

29th Annual Delmarva Paddlers Retreat
This will be Delmarva’s 29th year providing top level instruction to the paddling community. Anders Thygesen will be conducting a Qajaq/Iqyax (Baidarka) Building class. Your choice! Don Beale returns for the Paddle making workshop. Other special guests and workshops to be announced. This mentor rich event has a great student teacher ratio, often one on one. You're guaranteed to learn something new, improve your paddling skills, make new friends and have fun. All this in a rustic camp-style setting on the scenic shores of Rehoboth Bay, Delaware, USA.

When: October 5 - 8, 2017
Where: Camp Arrowhead 35143 Camp Arrowhead Road
Lewes, Delaware 
Contact: Contact Sue, Mike, or Chris

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