For the foreign participants in the Kayaking Championships in Nuuk in year 2000, the Nuuk Kayak Club and Greenland Travel (Grønlands Rejsebureau) have arranged a special travel package. The travel is offered for participants from Europe or those traveling through Europe and from Canada and USA.

For travelers from Europe, the departing/arrival airport is Kastrup, Copenhagen, Denmark.

For travelers from Canada and USA, the departing/arrival airport is Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

For all travelers, following apply as terms and condition for the groups travel:

Ticket price for each person is DKK 7.305 (return ticket), from Ottawa (this is approximately $926.76 U.S. Dollars).

Ticket price for each person is DKK 6.980 (return ticket), from Copenhagen (this is approximately $885.52 U.S. Dollars).

It is important for the Nuuk Kayak Club to receive each participant's name, date of birth, sex, home address, and phone & fax number and e-mail address when registering. In this way we will avoid mistakes.

Registration for the travel has to be addressed to:

Nuuk Kayak Club
P.O. Box 557
3900 Nuuk

Fax no.: (+299) 320003
E-mail: thomassen@greennet.gl or gohteb@greenlandair.gl(same person)
Or E-mail: gohtsh@greenlandair.gl(the Nuuk Kayak Club President Lars Peter Danielsen)

Contact person: Hans Kleist-Thomassen
Residence phone no. (+299) 328276
Work phone no. (+299) 343434 extension 422

Other contact persons for practical things:
Championship coordinator: Bent Bøgh Pedersen
Phone no. (+299) 329422
Fax no. (+299) 329426
e-mail: grlejdbb@greennet.gl

The payment for the tickets shall be paid to and addressed to:

Greenland Travel
Aqqusinersuaq 3
P.O. Box 330
DK-3900 Nuuk

Tel (+299) 321205
Fax (+299) 323369

E-mail: nuuk@greenland-travel.gl


Contact person is: Mari Louise Poulsen

If travelers from Europe, who travel through Copenhagen, have some questions or trouble during their stay in Copenhagen, they can contact Greenland Travel in Copenhagen at the address:

Greenland Travel
Gammel Mønt 12
P.O. Box 130
DK-1004 Copenhagen K

Tel +45 33131011
Fax +45 33128592

E-mail; tour@greenland-travel.dk

Be aware of, that it is only the head office for Greenland Travel in Nuuk who has created this special deal for foreign participants, but the office in Copenhagen will always be able to help you in any way.

Important: Nuuk Kayak Club is not responsible for any changes, which would or can be made later on. It is the travelerís own responsibility to secure that everything is correct, and Nuuk Kayak Club cannot be made responsible for any errors. Nuuk Kayak Club has only involved itself in the traveling issue to ease and make it more affordable for foreign participants to come to Nuuk, and Nuuk Kayak Club is not economically involved in any way.

The above offered travel is not the only possibility, but it is the best that we could work out from Nuuk. Check out your local travel agent, they may have a better deal.

For American and Canadian participants, check out:

First Air
3257 Carp Road
Carp, Ontario K0A 1L0

Phone no. (613) 839-3340
Fax no. (613) 839-5690
Website: www.firstair.ca

You can also phone 1-800-267-1247 or (613) 738-0200
Who knows, maybe they could give you a better offer?

Travel schedule, from Copenhagen:
Reservation no. ZX4MJY
Date Local Time Flight No.  
July 19 20.00 SK 293 Departure from Copenhagen (Kastrup). Check in 50 min before departure
  20.40   Arrival to Kangerlussuaq
      One night stay in Kangerlussuaq
July 20 12.30 GL 265 Departure from Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk. Check in 60 min before departure.
  14.00   Arrival to Nuuk
Aug 01 20.00  GL 568 Departure from Nuuk to Kangerlussuaq. Check in 60 min before departure.
  20.55   Arrival to Kangerlussuaq.
      One night stay in Kangerlussuaq
Aug 02 21.40 SK 294 Departure from Kangerlussuaq to Kastrup. Check in 60 min before departure.
Aug 03 06.00   Arrival to Kastrup (Copenhagen).

 Travel schedule, from Ottawa, Canada:
Reservation no. ZXQQOG
Date Local Time Flight No.  
July 22 08.30 7F 872 Departure from Ottawa to Iqaluit, Nunavut. Check in 20 min before departure
    10.25     Arrival to Iqaluit.
Jul 22 13.10 7F 968 Departure from Iqaluit to Nuuk, Greenland
  18.35   Arrival to Nuuk, Greenland.
Jul 31 18.45 GL 528 Departure from Nuuk to Kangerlussuaq.
  20.35   Arrival to Kangerlussuaq
      One night stay in Kangerlussuaq
Aug 01 17.25 7F 869 Departure from Kangerlussuaq to Iqaluit, Nunavut. Check in 60 min before departure.
     15.50     Arrival to Iqaluit.
Aug 01 17.05 7F 869 Departure from Iqaluit, Nunavut to Ottawa.
  20.54   Arrival to Ottawa, Ontario.

Regarding the night stay in Kangerlussuaq, please contact the following:

Kangerlussuaq Hotel
Phone no. (+299) 841180
Fax no. (+299) 841360

Kangerlussuaq Tourism
B-50 Blok A1, 1 sal
P.O. Box 49
3910 Kangerlussuaq

Phone no. (+299) 841098, + 841519, + cell 571098 and 571093
Fax no. (+299) 841498

The Nuuk Kayak Club looks forward to seeing you here in Nuuk!

Have a pleasant journey.

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